Level 3 City & Guilds Evolve test revision

The written examinations for the Level 3 7763 Certificate have recently been replaced with online tests called 'e-volve'. These tests take place at various locations and times around the country and a list of forthcoming test dates is available here.

Evolve Online Revision Courses Available Now!

To help you pass you your e-volve test, the Pet Industry Federation has developed a range of online revision courses on a range of topics covered by the City & Guilds tests, including: first-aid; breeds appearance, condition and trimming methods; legislation; condition of the work area and health and general welfare. There are eight revision courses you can buy, and each course has a number of quizzes at the end to test your knowledge!

The eight modules cover:

1) First-Aid - Find out the types of first-aid situations which may occur and how these shoudl be dealt with
2) Breeds, Appearance & Condition and Trimming - Learn how to plan work according to the client's request, the breed of dog and its appearance
3) Condition of the Work Area - Revise the importance of maintaining the condition of the work area in the salon
4) Environmental Damage & Waste - Learn about the possible environmental damage that could occur and how to respond.
5) General Health, Welfare & Preventative Care - Describe how to promote the health and general welfare of animals and minimise stres of injury
6) Records & Importance of Keeping Records - Find out why records are required for management and legislative purposes and the importance of maintaining them
7) Legislation & Codes of Conduct - Revise current Health and Safety legislation, animal welfare legislation & codes of practice
8) Nutrition & Exercise - Learn why animals need exercise and how the type and amount varies at different stages in an animal's life

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Revision Workshops 

There are also a number of revision courses for the e-volve test being organised by one of the PIF Training Schools, Canine Design. The courses cost £50 to non Canine Design students, and lunch can be provided for £6.50, with tea/coffee for £1.50 per cup. Please contact Canine Design directly on 01749 830723 to book a place.

Dates are as follows:

Wednesday 18th February
Wednesday 18th March
Wednesday 15th April
Wednesday 20th May
Wednesday 17th June
Wednesday 15th July
Wednesday 19th August
Wednesday 16th September
Wednesday 14th October
Wednesday 18th November







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