Pet Industry Federation attends Pet Welfare Conference in Brussels

The Pet Industry Federation (PIF) recently attended the ‘Conference on the Welfare of Dogs and Cats involved in Commercial Practices’ on 12 November 2015 in Brussels. Invited by the European Pet Organisation (EPO), chief executive, Nigel Baker, represented pet industry interests at the event, which was also attended by animal organisations such as RSPCA, Dogs Trust, Four Paws, Eurogroup for Animals, Cats Protection, World Animal Protection and many more, as well as veterinary representatives.
Topics covered during the day involved examining the international puppy trade from different countries’ perspectives; illegal puppy trafficking, and how online trade can swing the market balance in favour of smugglers and non-professional breeders. There were also talks on improving the enforcement of existing animal welfare regulations and responsible breeding.
Attendance at these events is vital to help ensure that PIF understands the context in which UK issues sit. A better understanding of what is happening in other European countries will help PIF contribute to decisions regarding dogs and cats in the UK in a more informed way.


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