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On Friday 15 March 2013, the Pet Care Trade Association became the Pet Industry Federation, the UK's leading pet trade body.

Our members are pet industry specialists and include retailers, groomers, manufacturers, suppliers, kennels, catteries and pet service businesses. We are the only organisation to represent all the different sectors of the pet industry.  Accompanying the change in name are structural changes which will make the organisation truly user-led, giving members greater influence through associations for each sector of membership. The Pet Industry Federation will operate as an umbrella organisation for the British Dog Groomers’ Association and the re-named UK Kennel & Cattery Association (formerly British Kennel & Cattery Association). Three new associations will be formed to join them: the Pet Retailers’ Association, the Pet Manufacturers and Suppliers’ Association and the Pet Services Association. All existing members will automatically become members of the associations relevant to their business. However, the Pet Industry Federation still maintains its key objective of promoting excellence in the pet industry.

To help members understand the changes that have taken place within the Pet Industry Federation, we've put together questions and answers about the change from the Pet Care Trade Association, which we hope will make things clear:

What will the change mean to members?

Whilst this change won’t affect the immediate day to day operation of your business, the longer-term effect of our new structure will be that we can better represent your business needs. Each association’s divisional committee is the vehicle for this. Each committee will oversee the division, discuss topical issues and make recommendations to the Board of strategy and policy for the division and to the Pet Industry Federation Secretariat on developing our member benefits.

So, what am I a member of?

As well as belonging to the Pet Industry Federation, you are a member of either:

• the Pet Retailers’ Association

• the British Dog Groomers’ Association

• the UK Kennel & Cattery Association

• the Pet Services Association

• the Pet Suppliers and Manufacturers’ Association

depending on what your main area of business is. These are all divisions of the Pet Industry Federation.

Why is this change necessary when there was a name change just two years ago?

This name change completes the proper separation of the membership organisation (the Federation) and the charitable body (the PCT). Meanwhile the structural changes allow for greater engagement with our members, giving you, and your organisation, a louder voice.

I’ve only just put my 2013 PCTA window sticker up. Will I get a new one?

Your 2013 PCTA window sticker is still valid. Our website will show the old and new membership stickers and make clear that this change has taken place in order to help customers seeking assurance about member businesses. You will receive a new window sticker the next time you renew your membership.

My website and business literature have the PCTA on, when do I have to change it?

Our website will make it clear that the Pet Industry Federation is the new name for the PCTA. When your livery and corporate literature is next up for renewal, let us know so that we can let you have the artwork for the new logos.

Who should I make my cheques/BACs/Direct Debits payable to?

Please make membership payments payable to the Pet Industry Federation Ltd going forward. Whilst our bank account number remains the same, BACS payments will need to be changed over to the ‘Pet Industry Federation Ltd’ name. Pet Care Trust Trading or the Pet Care Trust names should not be used for membership payments.

How do I get in touch with the committee for my sector?

The contact details for committee members will be available on the website. Some committees are being formed imminently. They, and the Pet Industry Federation Secretariat, are in place to listen to and to respond to your views.

I’m interested in joining the committee, how can I go about this?

It is always good to hear from new people. There is a set number of places on each committee to make sure they do not become unwieldy and members are invited to join by the Committee chair, who you are welcome to contact. Where there is plenty of interest and the committee places are full for the time being, a virtual consultation group will be set up, who will be contacted by email for their opinions on certain topics.

I have a wealth of experience behind me and am interested in joining the Federation’s board of directors, how can I do this?

Directors are appointed for a four-year tenure by a majority of members’ votes at each AGM and are eligible for re-election. Where potential vacancies are about to arise due to the end of a director’s tenure (or retirement), a notice to members will be sent out, inviting nominations. A majority of Directors, or a minimum of 20 members may nominate a member to be appointed as a Director. The nominations will then be proposed to members at the AGM for appointment and a majority of votes will secure a position.


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