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Pet Handling & Welfare Courses **New Courses Available**

A range of 15 short online pet courses aimed at pet retailers and those working with animals has just been launched. They have been developed by PIF to provide guidance and information to pet professionals and cover biological data, identifying breeds, handling and determining gender as well as correct care information. The online format is convenient, reducing time away from the business; and helps keeps the costs low. Learners can track their progress by doing a short test at the end and, once they have passed the threshold, receive a certificate.

The courses offer people pet working in pet retail and with companion animals a quick and convenient way to refresh their knowledge and take on new information. Each course covers a broad range of health and welfare issues for each taxa and they will  help retailers comply with the requirement in the Model Conditions for Pet Vending Licensing 2013 to ensure that staff have the appropriate training and knowledge in the care and welfare in the animals they stock.

There are 15 individual courses covering a wide range of different animals:

Guinea Pigs
Goldfish *NEW*
Axolotl *NEW*
Bearded Dragons *NEW*


By the end of each course, learners will be able to:

Describe biological data
Identify the common breeds
Explain how to correctly handle the animal
Explain how to determine the gender of the animal
Describe how to correctly care for each taxa

The courses are priced at £40 each, with a 20% discount for PIF members.
Access the courses by following this link.










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