What is rabbit flu?

In August 2006 it was reported that a young farmer died from Rabbit Flu.

The Rabbit Welfare Fund (RWF) has been inundated with phone calls and emails from anxious owners asking if they are in danger from their pet rabbit.

Cases such as this are extremely rare, and human Pasteurella infections are usually caught from cat and dog bites rather than rabbits. It is also treatable with antibiotics, if caught in time. The term ‘rabbit flu’ is very misleading as Pasteurella is actually a bacterial infection not a viral one.

The Rabbit Welfare Fund Health Liaison Team has put together more information on their website at www.rabbitwelfare.co.uk/rwf/articles/pasteurella_multocida.htm

For further details about the rabbit Welfare Fund, please visit their Website:  http://www.rabbitwelfarefund.co.uk  or phone the helpline on: 0870 046 5249.

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